Antalya is a city on the Mediterranean of southwestern Turkey. It is Turkey's biggest international sea resort, located on the Turkish Riviera. The population of the city is about 1 million people.

In 2013, Antalya with its magnificent nature, entertainment centers, sport and culture activities, awarded beaches and beautiful sea became the third most visited city in the world by number of international arrivals, ranking behind Paris and London, respectively.

Antalya keeps up with the innovations and developments in the tourism sector while preserving its cultural heritage and the charming Anatolian way of life. Everything relating to history, nature, culture, tradition, shopping and kitchen in this region – combined with the cordial hospitality of the Turkish people.


The climate of Antalya is generally smooth Mediterranean: The mean air temperature ranges between 30-34°C in summer and 9-15 °C in winter. Around 300 days of the year are sunny that is why Antalya is suitable for tourism all year round and tourists can enjoy swimming in the sea for at least 9 months of year.


When King Attalos first set eyes on Antalya he called it “Paradise on Earth”. Its fertile soil and natural harbour made it favourable for settlers throughout the ages. Therefore Antalya has a rich cultural heritage with many remains of an outstanding history. The Persians, Alexander the Great, the Romans, the Arabs and many more have left their mark on the area over the centuries

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